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My name is Rami Taher,
a Startup and Small Business Consultant in Dubai.

I work with entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers and help them get to their destination.

Startup Consultant in Dubai

Are you looking to launch, pitch or fund your business idea?


Learn what it takes to build a successful business and become a better entrepreneur.


Develop key business documents and significantly increase your chances of success.


Get access to expert and tailored advice to help you grow and advance in your entrepreneurial journey.

I help you develop your business idea, and pitch it to others.

Tailored Services for Startups and Entrepreneurs

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Rami Taher | Rami Taher

Startup Coaching

Develop key entrepreneurial skills and learn the fundamentals of business and startup success.

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Rami Taher | Rami Taher

Business Plans

Get a professional business plan you can confidently present to investors and other entities.

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Rami Taher | Rami Taher

Pitch Deck Presentations

Showcase your startup business idea and impress your audience with an awesome pitch deck that will get you funded.

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Rami Taher | Rami Taher

Brand Strategy

Communicate your story and create a meaningful connection with your audience by having a well-researched brand strategy.

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Rami Taher | Rami Taher

Retainer Services

Have an experienced advisor by your side to guide you at different stages of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Rami Taher
About Me

10+ Years as a Startup Consultant in Dubai

I am a startup and small business consultant in Dubai with 20+ years of experience in marketing and management. I worked for small local companies as well as large international corporations either as an employee, as part of an agency or on freelance projects.

I have been working with entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners for over 10 years now, helping them launch their idea and grow their business.

Years of Experience


Years in the UAE


Years in marketing and management


Years consulting as a full time job

What Some of My Clients are Saying

Rami is a passionate, knowledgeable, dynamic and creative professional who produces work of outstanding quality and insight.

Saleh HamedCo-founder & CEO, CanCan

I was skeptic and anxious with the idea of starting my new business, after working with Rami, now I have a clear idea of what I need to do and excited to start my new business.

Laila Mohammed

The marketing plan you did for us helped us increase our sales by 30%. All the team are on the same page and we have clear goals and objectives.

Aneel P.

I needed a business plan to present to Khalifa Fund. After looking around, I found Rami and he helped me with the business plan. The Khalifa Fund Committee was impressed and my grant was approved. Thank you Rami.

Mohammed Awad

I just wanted to thank you for the business plan you did, it was to the point and very clear to understand.

Jennifer K.

I worked with some of the biggest brands

as an employee, through agencies, or as a consultant

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